Our dining options ensure your needs are met from the basics to the gourmet diner in you! While our emphasis is on Thai elements, we remember other globally well-loved elements as well and we incorporate them creatively into the food we serve. We hope you enjoy them!

Restaurant 餐厅

With our soothing modern Thai decor and vast food offering, we invite you to savour the best of Western and Thai cuisine at our restaurant.  We have something here for everyone be it traditional or fusion Thai food or western food. Some popular choices are the barbeque skewers with lamb, beef or pork and bell peppers, seafood Tom Yam soup. We also have an extensive wine menu to complement your dining experience.


Cigar Bar

Level 2

Opening Hours (5:00 pm– 10:30 pm)

Step into our cigar bar and into your private sanctuary. We have wide arrays of cigars promising choices even to the most discerning guests. Here, you can relax over a glass of wine as well with your friends and colleagues, or just savor the moment for yourself, uninterrupted by the hustle and bustle of the world outside.

The Butterfly Connection Café

Opening Hours (10:00 am– 10:00 pm)